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A Sweet Candy Cane Wreath for the Holidays

This hanging wreath decoration leaves a sweet, lasting impression for the winter season. To ensure the candy cane craft lasts, store your wreath decoration between layers of waxed paper between seasons.

Source: Martha Stewart


What's an easy way to get in the holiday spirit? Creating wreath decorations, of course! This candy cane craft is festive, plus it is easy to make. Once you grab the treats, ribbon, hot glue, and a couple of other essentials for this candy cane craft—the wreath decoration will come together perfectly


  • Candy canes (both miniature and regular sizes)

  • Hot glue gun

  • Red waxed twine

  • Scissors (Martha Stewart Precision Scissors, $14.95,

  • Spray sealant (Flex Seal Spray Rubber Sealant Coating, $12.88,

  • Ribbon for hanging


  1. Unwrap the candy canes. Taking two at a time, face them toward each other to create a heart shape. Use a dab of hot glue on the two points where the canes touch, at the base, and at the tip of the hook.

  2. For the large candy canes, arrange 10 "hearts" (20 candy canes) in a wreath shape. For the mini candy canes, six "hearts" (12 mini candy canes) form a wreath. Dot the hot glue on the points where the canes touch on their straight sides.

  3. Once the hot glue has dried, wrap the waxed twine around the connections and tie it off. 

  4. Flip the wreath over so the knots and the visible hot glue are on the back of the wreath.

  5. Layer a smaller wreath on top of a larger one and secure it with the hot glue or use singly. Play with other arrangements of the "heart" shapes as in the lower right wreath.

  6. Spray with the clear sealant to strengthen the wreath and protect it from getting sticky in warmth and humidity.

  7. Use the ribbon to hang the wreath.

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