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Give Your Desktop Wallpaper Some Polka-Dot Love

Each month we share our newest patterns from Whim from the Martha Stewart Collection by creating downloadable wallpapers to dress up your desktops! To download, simply click on your computer's screen resolution below and right-click to save. And don't forget to find your favorite bedding patterns, only at Macy's!


These dots are poppin'. And soon your monitor will be too.

Download now:

1024 x 768
1280 x 1024
1920 x 1080


Don't stop there! Explore more ways, from tableware to cupcakes, to incorporate polka dots into your life below.


Polka-dot fun fact: The polka-dot pattern was named after the popular dance -- you guessed it, the polka. However, in a weird do-the-twist of fate, the pattern is traditionally used for clothing and costumes worn by flamenco dancers!




Dress up your drinkware with craft paint! With a little bit of paint and hole punch, you can take ordinary glass tumblers from drab to fab in no time at all. You can use them for your next party, or use them to organize loose pens or desktop items.


Make the Confetti Tumblers




Give your thank-you cards a unique and unexpected look by using a chic dot design around the edges. These cards will be a greeting your recipient won't soon forget.


Make the Dot-Punch Stationery




Throw someone you love a special birthday by piping dotted letters of frosting onto cupcakes. Then, arrange the cupcakes appropriately to spell out a celebratory message.



Make the Polka-Dot Cupcakes




Craving a cozy bowl of soup, or planning a dinner party? Pipe sour cream in a dotted pattern to liven things up! It's an idea that's sure to make your guests smile.


Make the Polka-Dot Pea Soup


Watch Martha stop by our Whim collection displayed in the windows of Macy's in Herald Square -- check out the video below!

 Martha stop by our Whim collection displayed in the windows of Macy's in Herald Square -- watch the video below!