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Martha's Spa-Like Bathroom at Lily Pond

The secret to success might lie in the serenity of your bathroom. That's certainly the case in Martha's Hamptons home, where simplicity is the key to luxury.

Photography by: NGOC MINH NGO

Lily Pond, Martha's 19th-century cottage in East Hampton, New York, produces a different assortment of flowers each month, which she uses to enhance each room with surprising and unusual bouquets. That includes her bathroom, "a serene room," as she calls it. Step inside her relaxing retreat, and get inspired by these five fabulous design elements. 


1. Showcase a Breathtaking Bouquet

The proper vessel is essential for displaying sculptural stems. Here, yellow wax bells are positioned in a heavy-bottomed Venetian glass vase to showcase the plant's dainty blooms and bright-green foliage (which resembles oversize maple leaves). A pedestal elevates the flowers to just the right height, so they can be admired during a soak in the bathtub.


2. Incorporate Cool Marble

The bathroom features a white marble floor that adds coolness, and the baseboards of statuary marble make for easy cleaning. Remember that marble should be handled with care and washed gently. Marble is a gorgeous material that suits bathroooms of all sizes, but it's also prone to scratching and staining. Sealing, avoiding abrasive cleaners, and spot-cleaning stains with poultice paste are a few ways to protect marble. Click below for a full how-to on caring for marble surfaces.


Marble Care and Maintenance 101

3. Regulate Natural Light

Martha uses venetian blinds in her Lily Pond bathroom. They're one of her favorite window treatments because they let in filtered light at all times of day. Martha prefers white blinds, but you might also consider faux-wood venetian blinds, which warm up a room. And because they aren't made from real wood, they won't warp, crack, or peel due to moisture. 


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4. Think Pink

Above the white wainscoting, Martha's bathroom walls are painted a dusty beige-pink, which casts the room in a dreamy glow. Martha has long been a fan of pink walls: Her guest cottage in Maine, the adjunct to Skylands, has mostly pink interiors to match the surrounding landscape.


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5. Get Smart About Storage

In a utilitarian room like the bathroom, clever storage tactics are crucial. Here, Martha uses canisters to keep toiletries contained and accessible. Some other smart techniques? Make use of vertical space with wall-mounted shelves and cabinets, and invest in small pieces of furniture with drawers to keep items out of sight.


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A Cute Way to Create Extra Storage Space

Keep bath toys and toiletries tucked away by crafting a bath caddy using a clean hand towel. This caddy can be sewn by hand or with a sewing machine, and makes for an easy and useful weekend project.