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10 Things You Could Probably Eliminate from Your Closet Right Now

Why are we insistent on hanging on to those pieces that just don't work for us anymore? You know what we're talking about -- that dress you wore once (a decade ago), all the scarves that you've been accumulating for years ... wait, are those bootcut corduroy pants?! It's time to take the plunge and de-clutter the closet like you've been meaning to do for years now.


All Those Jeans You Don't Wear

It's starting to look like a sea of denim in there. If they don't make you feel amazing, toss it.


Any Concert T-Shirt 

Yes, that *NSYNC concert you attended at Madison Square Garden when you were 13 was life-changing. Justin Timberlake looked in your general direction during "It's Gonna Be Me" ... swoon. But it's now time to let go of the shirt memorabilia. You'll always have that look and that should be good enough. 


That Dress You're Totally Gonna Fit Into One Day

Stop lying to yourself. Not only is this a really unreasonable expectation to put on your body, but it's also taking up physical space where a dress that actually fits you should live. Buy clothes for your present self. 


Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

We all have a pair of sexy heels that we thought we might be brave enough to wear out one day. But, girl ... you can't walk in them. The last time you tried, you almost broke your ankle -- and you were practicing in your hallway. Later, stems!


Old Pieces from Relationships Past

Just because you stashed them in the back of your closet, doesn't mean we don't know it's there. Even if the relationship ended amicably, you don't need those ex vibes coming anywhere near your style sanctuary. 


That Bridesmaid Dress

Yeah, the one your wedded friend promised you would be able to wear again. Welp, two years have gone by and you have yet to find a party that will appreciate its rhinestoney, bright teal, promlike appeal.  


Ill-Fitting Bras 

The amount of anger that comes from being poked in the side by broken-through underwire is unmatchable. A good bra doesn't need to be prodded or constantly manipulated while its on the job. So, if it's slacking, lagging, or sagging -- toss it! 


Anything with Shoulder Pads

Just because it's a comeback doesn't mean it's fashion forward. 


Empty Hangers

First, ask yourself why they are empty. If the answer is not "because you are lazy," toss them. They're just taking up real estate in an already-crowded population. 


Really Expensive Item You Never Wear

This won't kill you. We promise. 

The original thoughts on how you were going to wear this piece were probably extraordinary. It probably involved you slyly bumping into your ex and uttering the phrase, "Oh ... this old thing?" If it's not part of your party rotation, then it never will be. Find it a good home, though. Sniff, sniff.