Before and After: Martha's Amazing Maple Avenue Kitchen Makeover


Ever wonder how Martha would transform a room? We did, so we documented her kitchen makeover at her home in Bedford, New York.

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Martha's guest house needed an update. Everything from the stark-white cabinetry to the older appliances felt less than modern. In January of this year, Martha consulted her team of designers and began brainstorming a new look for the space, using her line of Martha Stewart Living kitchens from The Home Depot. Click through the gallery to see the amazing transformation!

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First Things First


Martha worked directly with VP Design Director Marissa Brown and AVP Deputy Design Director Rosma Gutierrez to redesign the galley kitchen. The project was officially launched at the end of January 2015, and was finished five months later in June.

Seen here, one of the key new features of the kitchen was the addition of an island to give increased work space, and for guests to gather around during meal prep.

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Hidden Appliances


There's one more (major) difference in the layout: Where's the fridge?! Martha decided to hide the refrigerator in the island using refrigeration doors -- and was able to expand her countertop space and cabinet storage.

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The Swiss Army Knife of Kitchens


Martha wanted a truly functional kitchen, and made every inch of the space useful. This once-empty corner, opposite of the galley and island, was turned into a kitchen office using the same countertop and cabinetry materials, so it matches seamlessly. Click to the next slide to see the reveal!

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The Reveal!


Here's a look at the finished kitchen! From the Martha Stewart Living line at The Home Depot, Martha selected Weston style cabinetry in Timberline textured PureStyle. For the countertops, she chose Viatera Quartz in Snowcap, which is also part of her line. Keep clicking to learn more about the storage features of the new kitchen.

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Beautiful Pairings


For a fresh look, Martha decided to pair solid-colored cabinet boxes in Ocean Floor with doors that look like textured wood. The cabinets are both durable and extremely easy to wipe clean.

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Cutlery, Conquered


Because Martha wanted to make the most of a small space, she packed the Maple Avenue kitchen with smart storage solutions, like these cutlery drawer dividers. They make storing flatware an organized breeze, and the stacked dividers provide ample storage.

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Clutter-Free Drawer Storage


To help reduce cabinet clutter, pegged drawers were installed to house large bowls and cookware that would otherwise be difficult to organize.

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Totally Tilted


Every nook and cranny of the Maple Ave. kitchen offers a storage solution, like this tilt-down drawer for the kitchen sink. It's a super-convenient place to store odds and ends, like dish sponges and scrub brushes.

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Toe-Kick Off!


A toe-kick drawer fits beneath cabinetry, adding extra storage, and is perfect for housing large plates and platters.

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Tackle Trays


Finally, Martha also installed tray dividers, which tame cookie and baking sheets. They're stored vertically in their own drawer, making storing and selecting the perfect trays a simple task.

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