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DIY This Marvelous Marble Serving Tray

Step up your coffee table game this impressive DIY from Martha Stewart Crafts. With a few craft supplies, easily create an elegant serving tray with a beautiful marbleized effect.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Martha Stewart Crafts Acrylic Craft Paint in Wedding Cake, Gold, and Gray Wolf

  • Martha Stewart Crafts paintbrushes

  • Martha Stewart Crafts patterning tape

  • Martha Stewart Crafts sea sponges

  • Martha Stewart Crafts round pouncers

  • Wooden tray


  1. Paint the tray with a base coat of Wedding Cake.

  2. Tape the edges of the tray and paint two coats of gold on the trim.

  3. Using the sea sponge and the edges of the round pouncers, lightly apply Gray Wolf paint in various places on the surface of the tray to mimic to look of marble.

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