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DIY Metallic Votive Candle Holders

Dress up your coffee or dining table with these easy and decorative votive holders from Martha Stewart Crafts.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Martha Stewart Crafts Acrylic Craft Paint in Metallic Gold

  • Martha Stewart Crafts paintbrushes

  • Martha Stewart Crafts patterning tape

  • Martha Stewart Crafts craft knife

  • Clear glass votive holders


  1. Use tape to design various stripes and patterns of on the glass votives.

  2. Use brushes to paint a thin coat of gold paint on the votives. Allow layers to dry between coats and use as many coats as necessary until you are pleased with the level of opacity.

  3. Use the craft knife to carefully cut along the edges of the patterning tape.

  4. Remove tape and place candle in votive.

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