10 Tips for a Budget-Friendly Primary Bedroom Makeover

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When it comes to refreshing your home, the main bedroom is often one of the last places people consider. After all, it's not a spot most guests will see, which is why it's generally deemed less important than updating the living room carpet or installing new kitchen cabinets and countertops. In addition to being hidden away from the main areas of the house, updating the primary bedroom can also be pretty pricey. Replacing big-ticket items such as a bed or the dresser generally comes with a high price tag.

We're here to make the argument for updating this space, though. Sure, your guests don't see it, but your main bedroom is also where you likely spend a great deal of time each day. It's where you go to rest and reenergize, and you deserve to unwind and wake up in a space you love. If there's one thing we've learned over the years, it's that sleep health and self-care are essential to leading a healthy happy life. Luckily, transforming your primary bedroom into just that is possible without breaking the bank. As it turns out, there are plenty of ways to redecorate this space on a budget without sacrificing even an ounce of style. It's all about getting creative.

We spoke with Ann Lowengart, an interior designer based in Marin County, California. Her firm, Ann Lowengart Interiors, specializes in creating luxuriously comfortable designs that complement both your lifestyle and budget. Whether it's wallpapering your ceiling in an eye-catching print, layering your lighting for ambience, or perusing showroom warehouse sales for your next big find, Lowengart's ideas for refreshing your main bedroom are here to help. Here, she outlines her top 10 tips for a budget-friendly primary bedroom makeover. Go ahead and leave the door open.

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Choose a Paint Color You'd Wear

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When it comes to picking a new paint color for your bedroom, Lowengart says to head to your closet for inspiration. "The thing that I find is most soothing, and really the easiest to execute, is to add the color you like to dress in—whatever color looks best on you," she says. Lowengart adds that the primary bedroom is your "most personal space in your entire home so you want it to reflect you most closely. And when you paint walls something that looks great on you, subconsciously it's very restful and very peaceful." She suggests using a high-gloss paint for dark colors, and an eggshell finish for lighter colors to help keep things vibrant.

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Play with Texture

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Cozy up your bedroom with furry finds such as a sheepskin pillow or throw blanket. Not only are they extra comfy, but they also look high-end, making for a simple yet stylish upgrade. Have hardwood floors? Lowengart suggests placing a furry rug in the area where you step into and out of your bed to add instant warmth. "Those are really reasonably priced and they add so much texture," she says. Shop for them at your local home goods store.

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Buy Previously-Owned Furniture

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"One thing I love, which I personally do a lot is to buy previously-owned furniture," says Lowengart. Whether you're replacing all of your current furniture or just want a new statement piece to help reenergize your room, shopping second-hand is a budget-friendly way to go. "1st Dibs and Chairish are great places to find beautiful things."

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Wallpaper Your Ceiling or Accent Wall

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Give your bedroom a totally new look by wallpapering your ceiling or accent wall. "The ceiling is essentially a fifth wall, and if you're only wallpapering one wall, it's very reasonably priced and it kind of creates a fun little surprise when you're lying on your bed and you look up," says Lowengart. Prefer an accent wall? Choose the wall behind your bed, or go with one that has extra depth to help make it pop even more.

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Repurpose Carpet Remnants

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Installing new carpet may not be within budget, but Lowengart has a wallet-friendly alternative for freshening up your floors. "Instead of having to replace your wall-to-wall carpet, you can just buy a remnant and lay it on your existing carpet," she says. "There are really wonderful remnant stores that will surge them for you, and they're selling them for pennies on the dollar."

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Add an Accent Color to Your Bed

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"The one thing you can do that really adds so much is having one accent color on your bed," says Lowengart. "Just that one focal point can really can transform the look." Whether it's a playfully-patterned pillow or a chunky blanket in your favorite hue, adding an accent color is key to creating contrast.

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Double Textiles as Décor

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Use textiles as wall hangings for instant art. "There are really fun tapestries that have lots of patterns, but it's really about finding yardage of your favorite fabric and then buying a pre-made frame or hanging it on a rod—or if you like an organic vibe, hanging it on a branch on your wall," says Lowengart. "It's a really inexpensive way to get a really big look."

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Shop Designer or Showroom Warehouse Sales

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A secret of the pros: Shop designer or showroom warehouse sales. "Every designer has an inventory of cast-offs from clients," says Lowengart. "They just didn't work in that space." She recommends calling your favorite designers and asking if they have any inventory they're looking to get rid of. "Then you get your designer's touch without having to pay for the designer's service."

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Try Mismatched Nightstands

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Matchy-matchy can feel so been-there-done-that. Lowengart has another idea for redecorating your space. "A lot of the time showrooms are selling samples and there will only be one, and I think it's really nice to upgrade your nightstands and they don't necessarily have to match," says the expert. She recommends doubling small dressers as nightstands for added storage. You can even swap your current nightstand for a rolling multi-tiered cart. Either way, these small changes make a big impact.

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Showcase Memories

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When it comes to wall art, Lowengart opts for nostalgic and personal, turning photographs into wall hangings or murals. Whether it's a photo of your family on a trip or your favorite view, choose something that's reminiscent of what that memory is then blow it up to poster size and use it as a wall hanging. "It can act like an art piece but is also something that is sentimental as well," says Lowengart.

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