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Halloween Decorations Made From Nature's Bewitched Bounty

When the air turns cool and the nights grow longer, the harvest moon rises to cast a spell over fields far and wide. Gourds transform into creepy characters, crows flock at front doors, and nature bursts with seasonal enchantments. Our clever crafts help you display the bewitched bounty with readily available, inexpensive supplies—making them all the more magical.

Photography by: NGOC MINH NGO

Tar and Feathers

Flock of Crows

Black birds set an unwelcoming scene when they alight around a doorway flanked with stalks of dried corn. There are two kinds of crows here: Some are cut from tar paper, a weatherproof material used in roofing, and others are artificial store-bought ones. Both perch on vines and pumpkins with the help of metal wires.


Felt roof-deck protection, #15, by Warrior Roofing,
Artificial crows,


Get the Flock of Crows Project
Photography by: NGOC MINH NGO

Carved Crop

Unearthed Jack-o’-Lanterns

Someone mischievous must have dug up these pumpkins etched with designs inspired by plant roots; tar-paper leaves and vines climb the wall behind them. Embrace the quirks of nature for this display: At the pumpkin patch, pass over perfect-looking globes and opt instead for those with lopsided shapes, cracks, and unusual shadings.


Get the Unearthed Jack-o’-Lanterns Project
Photography by: NGOC MINH NGO

Stalks on the Dark Side

Corn Clusters

Ears of decorative corn turn sinister, courtesy of a generous coat of black spray paint. The dried husks are braided around wire to make a door swag that’s subtly spooky—and simultaneously chic.


Get the Corn Clusters Project
Photography by: NGOC MINH NGO

Supernatural Setting

Harvest Table

Autumn’s bounty has found its way from the field, creating a seasonal backdrop for a sit-down feast. Look for unusual produce at the farmers’ market or pumpkin patch, keeping an eye out for moody hues and interesting shapes and textures. This display includes Black Futsu and Long Island Cheese pumpkins, as well as bowls of knobby black radishes.


Black fluted dinner plate, 10 3/4",
Round bowls, in Spalted Ambrosia,
Eau Minerale glass, in Amber,
Black candles,

Photography by: NGOC MINH NGO

Night Watchmen

Pumpkin Portraits

Cool-season crops converge to form beings that stand guard over the fields (or the porch). Inspired by the celebrated fruit-and-vegetable portraits of Renaissance artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo, these faces are made of produce and plants. A scarecrow sees it all with eyes made of cabbage leaves, a bur-oak acorn cap, and a white bean. A Spanish-moss beard and burlap cloak keep him shrouded in mystery.


Photography by: NGOC MINH NGO

A parsnip nose, long-bean eyebrows, and a black-carrot mouth add character to a warty face inspired by a creepy count.