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Corn Clusters: A Fun Fall Craft

What has nine ears and a limitless amount of rustic charm? Your next fall craft project, of course.

Photography: NGOC MINH NGO

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 2015


  • 9 ears dried corn, plus additional husks

  • Masking tape

  • Matte-black spray paint

  • Metal wire, 20 gauge

  • Wire cutters


  1. Soak ears of corn and husks in water to make husks more pliable, 2 minutes. Pull attached husks around stem of each ear.

  2. Wrap a paper towel around husks of each ear; secure with tape. Working in a well-ventilated area, spray-paint corn; let dry. Remove paper towels.

  3. Wrap end of wire roll around stem of one ear of corn. Using sections of husk from that ear and 2 other ears, braid husks around wire to all 3 ears (as shown). 

  4. Add 3 additional pieces of husk to continue braid. Continue adding husks and braiding until braid is a couple of inches longer than an ear of corn. 

  5. Add 3 more ears of corn by braiding sections of husk from each ear around wire. Continue braid with additional husks, then repeat with last 3 ears of corn. Wrap end of final braid into a loop; secure with wire. Cut off excess wire with wire cutters. 

  6. Once husks are dry, trim any ends that stick out of braid.

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