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Black Cat Cupcakes You'll Want to Cross Paths With

What great luck to cross paths with one of these black kitties! The adorable toothpick toppers are purr-fect as mini-cupcake decorations and point to the sweet side of Halloween. Our flower punches and clip art add up to a foolproof design. As for materials, you just need toothpicks, black card stock, and a glue stick.

Photography by: Aaron Dyer


1. Print out our clip art of double-sided cats.


2. Cut out each side and use a glue stick to secure the two faces together over a toothpick.


3. Use a craft punch to cut out a collar from black card stock, then poke toothpick through center.

Embossed Pop-Up Flower and Arabesque Flower large craft punches, by Martha Stewart Crafts, from $20 each,