Adorn standard-issue round mirrors with colorful cord and they'll not only embellish a room, they'll give the illusion of more space, too.


1. For an 8-inch-diameter mirror, cut an 80-inch piece of paracord (lightweight nylon rope, available at crafts-supply stores) and fold in half. For larger mirrors, add 2 inches of cord for every additional inch in diameter.

2. Tie a basic knot 13 inches from the folded end, so you have a 13-inch loop. (For larger mirrors, add 1 inch for every additional inch in diameter.) Lay mirror, reflective-side up, on a flat surface, and place cord on top, with loop near upper edge and knot near lower.

3. Bring loose ends of cord around back of mirror. Thread them through loop at top (pulling tight to prevent slippage). Spread apart cord on front of mirror to form a V.

4. Finish by tying a basic knot a few inches from end of strings, then hang from a knob. (We used cabinet knobs.)


550 nylon paracord, by SecureLine, 5⁄32", from $3.50,
Mirrors, from $5 each,

Credit: Brown Bird Design


The first knot should rest a little below the midway point on the back of the mirror to ensure proper balance.


What's an inexpensive way to decorate a wall? That's the question posed in this video, in which Martha describes how to embellish and decorate with small mirrors, using items available at The Home Depot. Here, she uses their Bartlett mirrors in elaborate shapes -- like a four-leaf clover and a Moorish design -- to decorate a bedroom wall. She enhances the mirrors using pink paint and glitter paint to give them a softer, more feminine touch. To attach them to the wall, Martha uses her own brand of nickel hardware (it screws right into the wall) and a hanger bolt, also available at The Home Depot. Martha then uses pink ribbon and fabric glue (a hot glue gun will also work) to create a loop to hang each mirror from. She staggers the mirrors to add more visual interest. Watch this video now to learn how to duplicate Martha's adorable mirror project.

How to Decorate Your Home with Mirrors


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