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Our Favorite New Grilling Hack: Perfectly Toasted Buns on the Grill!

This simple trick is the secret to serving up perfect burger buns, every time.

Burgers are the best. Whether we’re cooking up spicy Southwestern turkey burgers, smoky salmon burgers with grainy mustard, or a classic beef patty, there’s just something about this quintessentially American sandwich that’s incredibly satisfying. And there’s no better way to finish a freshly grilled burg than with a warm-and-steamy toasted bun. It can be challenging, however, to get great results when warming buns on the grill -- too often they wind up dry and crumbly.


With this in mind, we developed a simple technique for toasting buns that delivers not only a crazy-crisp exterior, but also a soft, supple interior. You can do it all on your trusty grill. All you need is a wet rag, a lid, or bowl, and a little science.

Buns on the Grill

Here's how you do it: Grab a clean kitchen towel and run some water over it. Ring it out, roll it up, and set it aside. Now lay your sandwich buns down on the grill surface, the way you normally would. Place the kitchen towel next to the buns, and cover both the buns and the towel with either a bowl large enough to cover them or the lid of your grill. The wet towel convects moisture around the buns, resulting in a soft, supple bun that’s got a lovely golden crust.


Want to see it in action? Check out the video below!


Use this technique at your next barbecue, and your guests will beg you to reveal the secret behind those seriously spectacular sandwiches. Tell them (or don't), that part's up to you! Just promise us, your days serving crumbly rolls are over.