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Halloween Pet Costume How-Tos

Your four-legged friends deserve a bit of Halloween fun all their own. Each of these cute-as-can-be DIY costumes—a captivating clown and an all-bark, no-bite shark—is a cinch to make and requires only basic sewing skills. 

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Frill Seeker: Cat Clown Halloween Costume

Make over your favorite feline with this captivating clown getup. The hat is crafted from red card stock (using our template) and white pom-poms attached with hot glue; the ruffle and collar are made by stitching and cinching layers of pale-blue tulle.

Get the Cat Clown Halloween Costume How-To
Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Think Fin: Dog Shark Halloween Costume

Fear not -- this costume is all bark, no bite! Making it is no scary matter, either: Just trace our fin templates onto chipboard and gray felt, then glue the pieces together. Secure the costume under your pet's belly by attaching the fin to an elastic band fitted to Velcro.

Get the Dog Shark Halloween Costume How-To