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3 Halloween Hair Tricks You Can Make in Under 5 Minutes

The scariest thing on Halloween is finding yourself without a costume! We promise that there's no need to ransack your closet. Erin Furey, host of "DIY Style," demonstrates that all you need is hair and a few minutes. The results are seriously unbeweavable.


Here's a list of materials that includes everything you need for a spectacular spooky ensemble:

Wire (approximately 20 gauge, but any thin wire will do)

Wire cutters

Bobby pins

Little rubber hair bands

Faux hair (optional)


Easy, right?

The Cutest Cat Lady

These cat ears are all hers! For our kitty, we used Colleen’s natural hair and some 28-gauge wire snipped to the length of one ear. We braided a thin strand of hair around the wire, snipped any excess, and pinned it in place with a bobby pin. To make the ear more catlike, bend a point in the top. Repeat this on the other side (the trick is getting them to match) ... and, "meow," you're a cat! Draw some whiskers on your cheeks and bring your real feline friend for the "purrfect" full effect.

The Stylish Spider

Who said spiders had to be creepy and crawly? This look is stunning! Even though our model, Shira, has lots and lots of hair, we prebraided eight spider legs with some matching black faux hair. This is easier to work with for such an elaborate look. Braid the faux hair, finishing the ends with a tiny black rubber band, and bend the strand at the spider's leg joints. Pull your hair up into a bun for the spider's "body" and bobby-pin each leg under the bun (you may want to enlist the help of a friend to do this). You can make the legs thinner and shorter for a more subtle spider, especially if your bun isn't as bountiful as Shira's. Shira loved being a spider woman with bouncy (but very comfortable) legs!

The Queen of Halloween

This takes technique inspiration from our "spider" idea. First, weave an elaborate crown with faux hair to match your own. Then, bend the braided and wired strands into loops, and layer them together. Tie some ribbons on the end and pin on top of your head for a unique tiara or crown. This is the crowning touch for a ball gown or medieval-lady-of-the-court look.

Make Your Own Spooky Ensemble!

You don't have to limit yourself to the ideas above. Personalize your own look! Just a few snips of wire braided up in your own luscious locks yields a cute and spooky costume that you won't find in the store. You can add faux hair in the same color for a matching mane that will have people "oohing" and "ahhing" over your handiwork, or you can add contrasting colors for a wild, unique look that will catch everyone's eye. You can make anything from "scared straight" pigtails or alien antennae, devil horns or bunny ears, or even a braided bird perched on your head! The possibilities are endless so make sure to share your version of these wired hair costumes for this Halloween.


Watch the hairstyles come to life in this video: