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In Our Pantry: Pickled Pepperoncini

They're an Italian favorite for antipasti and you can eat them straight from the jar, but we use these tangy-savory pickled peppers to perk up everything from steak kebabs to sauces.

Photography by: YASU+JUNKO

The Italian peppers known as pepperoncini are related to jalapenos and poblanos, but they’re nowhere near as spicy. They're also called Tuscan peppers and are harvested before they are mature -- when they're yellow-green, mild in flavor, and two to three inches long. Pickled, they have a tangy-savory bite that, as with all the best condiments, adds a kick to simple sandwiches and salads. You can eat them straight out of the jar (you’ll often see them on antipasto platters), but we like them as stealth and surprising flavor boosters as in the recipes and ideas below.


Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Steak Kebabs with Pepperoncini

For a more zesty take on the classic kebab, replace bell peppers with whole pepperoncini. They taste delicious a little bit charred and pair well with grilled meats.

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Pepperoncini Poppers

Ugrade an app -- jalapenos no more! Filled with a mixture of cream cheese and cheddar, topped with bacon and baked, these pepperoncini are tasty bites that pair well with beer or cocktails.

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Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Pepperoncini Chimichurri

Give it a kick: This herb-packed green condiment is extra saucy when pepperoncini are added.

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Pepp Rally: Our Top Picks

Photography by: Bryan Gardner


These baby pepperoncini have a pleasing crunch. You can find them at most grocery stores and at

Photography by: Bryan Gardner


This supermarket brand’s pepperoncini are inexpensive and larger than Paesana’s.