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Petra and Marc's Picnic Wedding Drone Video


The newlyweds and their guests may have laid low—on blankets on the lawn of a California estate—but a drone flew high above to capture video footage of this flower-filled fête. “It became apparent when we were designing the picnic blankets that it would be so beautiful to have an aerial view of them,” Petra says. “And then realized that a drone would be the perfect way to do that.” Initially brought up as a joke, the idea soon evolved into actuality. Cue photographer Jeff Clark, who manned the drone at the wedding.On the big day, guests tended to laugh and smile and wave at the flying camera when it hovered by in between capturing soaring views of Santa Barbara and the bride’s initial idea of a dramatic overhead scene of the 23 blankets handcrafted for the event.Though the angles weren’t as traditional as those from the ground, they offered a vantage points of the property, and the mountains and ocean nearby—not to mention they allowed for some pretty epic moments—all of which were edited together by groomsmen Chris Duce to a soundtrack long-time friend M.E.S.H. created solely for the occasion.

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