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Why We Love General Pencil Company: American Made

A family-owned business that dates back to 1889.

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Photography by: Lennart Weibull

Even in the digital age, pencils are everywhere—in the classroom, in the art studio, and throughout the home. The longest continuously operated pencil company in the United States, and also one of the last, General Pencil Company has played an indispensable role in keeping it that way. Founded in 1889 by Edward Weissenborn and his son, the company still churns out boxes and boxes of pencils at its Jersey City, New Jersey, factory every day.


The manufacturing process is the same as it was more than a century ago. “We barrel-mix our graphite and drawing formulas,” says Katie Weissenborn Vanoncini, president and great-great-granddaughter of the founder. And despite pressure to move operations out of the U.S. to reduce costs, General Pencil isn’t budging. “We are staying here,” she says. “We don’t want to exist otherwise.”


Why We Love It

There’s much to admire about General Pencil’s elegant pencils and charcoal art supplies, but its commitment to the environment is especially laudable. The company uses western-cedar wood from California and Oregon; it’s “sustainable and strong, sharpens smoothly, and smells really good,” says Weissenborn Vanoncini. And in addition to using packaging made from recycled and recyclable material, General Pencil sends its sawdust waste to Duraflame, where it’s turned into fire logs for homes.


Cedar Pointe graphite pencils, $24 for 3 dozen,


DIY Pencil Holders

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Roll-Up Pencil Kit
Photography by: Anna Williams

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