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DIY Shelf Cup Holders

Photography: Aaron Dyer

Source: Martha Stewart Living, September 2015



Oak plywood, 3/4", $50 for 4' by 8'; and Hole Dozer hole saw, by Milwaukee Tool, 3", $15,


  • Oak plywood shelf, 8 by 30 inches

  • Hole-saw attachment, 3 inches

  • Drill

  • Fine sandpaper, #100


  1. Measure 4 inches in from edges and sides of shelf. Mark spot with a pencil. (This will be middle of first hole.)

  2. Make another mark 4 1/2 inches in from first one, then another 4 1/2 inches from that one. Continue until you have marked a spot for every hole you intend to make.

  3. Attach hole saw to drill. Center it on first mark; drill through. Repeat with remaining marks.

  4. Sand interior edges of each hole.

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