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DIY Pouches for Your Odds and Ends

Pack up your keys, headphones, cords, spare change, and other necessary odds and ends in these pretty little no-sew pouches. Constructed from durable microsuede—available at fabric and crafts stores—they look luxe but stand up to daily use. The best part? They are, quite literally, a cinch to make.

Photography: Philip Ficks

Source: Martha Stewart Living, September 2015


  • Chipboard (available at crafts stores)

  • Cutting mat

  • Screw punch (by Martha Stewart Crafts, $25,

  • Spray adhesive (such as Super 77)

  • Leather cord (15 inches for small pouch; 30 inches for large; 2 mm, in Pink #16, $2 a yd.,

  • Two-hole button

  • Hair elastic


  1. Print templates for the pouch size you’d like to make; each size requires 3 templates. With a pencil, trace each template onto microsuede and cut out. Trace template 3 again, but this time onto chipboard; cut out. Working on mat, lay template 1 on top of fabric cut from that template; use screw punch to make holes in fabric as indicated.

  2. Working in a well-ventilated area, spray adhesive onto one side of fabric cut from template 2, then place chipboard in its center. Fold tabs over perimeter of chipboard, as shown. Spray adhesive onto one side of fabric made from template 3 and place to cover exposed chipboard.

  3. String leather cord through holes created in step 1, all the way around. Slide each end of cord through its own hole in button and tie a knot at each end. If pouch will store cords or jewelry, slide hair elastic onto fabric-covered chipboard piece before placing it in center of fabric piece 1. Pull cord to cinch pouch closed. 

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