15 Little Things You Can Do to Beautify Your Bedroom

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Whether you're looking for a space to unwind in after a long day or craving a creative nook to retreat to for a bit of journaling and self-care, your bedroom should be your dream escape. If you've been looking for ways to upgrade your space—but aren't ready for a major renovation or re-painting—then look no further: We've got the best ways to beautify your bedroom in no time, from stylish, but practical tips to DIY ideas.

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Install a Floating Nightstand

Instant bedroom shelving
Trevor Tondro

White marble can make anything look polished, including your bedside situation. To install this sleek floating nightstand, mount walnut shelf brackets on your wall just above mattress height and place a Carrara tile on top. (It'll be heavy enough to stay put as is, but for extra security, adhere it with epoxy.) It's a surefire way to help you start and end each day with a cool, clean slate.

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Add a Headboard

John Armitage

A headboard—like this stenciled Batik-inspired one—can instantly pull an entire bedroom together. It gives the room a focal point when layered behind your comfy pillows.

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Personalize Your Pillows

stenciled botanical throw pillow
Johnny Miller

Throw pillows are a simple way to jazz up any space. Learn this simple technique for making envelope-backed pillow covers to easily create and swap styles to match every season, holiday, or mood.

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Hang a Tapestry

oversized quilt framed on wall
Sidney Bensimon

Upgrade your wall décor with a colorful tapestry. Not only is this a great way to add texture to the space, but it also saves you from having to find the perfect artwork and a frame that actually fits.

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Try a Non-Traditional Nightstand


Don't let your bedside table become a decorating afterthought. This step-ladder idea adds a modern-farmhouse feel and extra dimension to the room, but it's versatile; should you decide to switch out your motif later on, you'll be left with a practical ladder rather than an extra table.

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Build Visual Space With Mirrors

Juliana Sohn

If you're looking for an easy way to make your space feel more open, mirrors are the perfect solution. Plus, they're practical, come in a variety of shapes and styles, and add a polished touch.

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Find Beauty in Details

decorative candle in boho california home
Kimber Collective

Accent your space with the little things that bring you joy, whether it be a favorite candle, a beautiful reading lamp, or a collection of succulents in a playful planter.

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Dress Up Doors

pink door accent dots

Because who doesn't love making a grand entrance? This DIY is perfect for any hallow-core door and calls for a few paint supplies and brass upholstery nails.

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Create a Gallery Wall

neutral bedroom with blue lamps and decorative pillow
Sean Litchfield

Turn your favorite family photos and pieces of art into a curated décor collection. The best part: Gallery walls are easy to customize based on the space you have available and any existing color themes.

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Bring the Outside In

vintage blue dresser in bedroom
Kimber Collective

When in doubt, add plants. Not only can they help purify the air in your room and provide a myriad of healing powers, but they look gorgeous.

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Mix It Up

Andrew McCaul

Don't be afraid to mix up a monotonous bedroom color scheme by experimenting with pattern play in your linens.

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Play with Wallpaper

dania colorful home redo bedroom side table
Jeremy Frechette

Want to perk up your walls, but not ready to commit to a new paint job yet? Try peel-and-stick wallpaper for a fresh new feel in half the time.

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Get Creative with Shelves

Kate Mathis

Save floor space and add an airy appeal with a bracket shelf as a makeshift nightstand.

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Upgrade an Armoire

raffia paneled doors
Ted Cavanaugh

By adding a bit of raffia, a lightweight fabric that feels similar to grasscloth, to the door panels of an armoire, you can create an instantly more earthy vibe. (Love the look? Try adding woven fabric to a headboard.)

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Turn Storage Into Décor


Whether it's your prized shoe collection or your favorite beaded necklaces, turn storage into a double-duty display.

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