19 Office Organizing Ideas to Tidy Up Your Space

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An office is where most of us spend a good part of our days. While it's meant to be a place of work, it can be difficult to get things done if your space is in disarray. From tidying up loose papers to corralling those pens that have been strewn all over the place, organizing your office is a surefire way to maximize efficiency and make you feel more at home within your work zone. To that end, we're showing you some of our favorite office organization ideas; they'll help you get and keep your workspace tidy.

Papers pile up—we find loose papers on our desks, in drawers, and underneath our chairs. With stylish filing cabinets, magazine holders, and letter organizers, we're showing you foolproof ways to ensure papers stay in line. If loose paper clips and push pins are wreaking havoc on your desktop, we have the solution for you. It's a simple DIY that involves some paint, wood, and a magnet that will have your office looking put together in no time. Not to mention it's a craft, giving you a much-needed creative outlet which is shown to help with productivity.

While we're sharing plenty of small and simple organization options to help you keep your area clean, we're also showing some all-in-one solutions that will help you make the most of your space. Explore a number of wall-mounted systems that can sit behind your door or on the wall above your desk. They offer built-in magazine holders, dry erase boards, and other organizing schemes all in one place. Ahead, find some of the best classic, unique, and creative organization ideas for your office.

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Tuck Away a Filing Cabinet

Lynch 2-Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet
Courtesy of Wayfair

A freestanding filing cabinet offers instant office organization options thanks to its two drawers. The minimalistic white wood ensures your space remains visually clean, too.

Shop Now: Ebern Designs "Lynch" 2-Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet, $135.99, wayfair.com.

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Hang an Entryway Shelf

Anthropologie Iron Entryway Shelf Set
Courtesy of Anthropologie

Add more storage space to your office by hanging an organizer by your door. It can serve as a catch-all for everything from mail, to coats, to an umbrella, and it'll remind you to keep your space streamlined as soon as you enter.

Shop Now: Anthropologie Iron Entryway Shelf Set, $98, anthropologie.com.

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For Your Personal Library

Seth Smoot

A floor-to-ceiling library is impressive, but the setup is not exactly practical. Low-rise bookcases offer the added benefit of extra storage. Thirty-inch square bookcases are the ideal height for a desk and are the same width as a standard-size door. To give the desk a finished, cohesive look, line the back of the shelves with marbled paper (and secure it with double-sided tape).

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Put Up a Wall Mount System

Daily Organization System Essential Office Set
Courtesy of Pottery Barn

This all-in-one piece is worth the investment. It features a pinboard with pins, a letter file bin, and a dry-erase calendar.

Shop Now: Pottery Barn Daily Organization System, $229, potterybarn.com.

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Utilize a Drawer Organizer

The Container Store "Like-It" Drawer Organizer Starter Kit
Courtesy of The Container Store

Just because what's inside your drawers is hidden doesn't mean it needs to be neglected in your office organization efforts. Use a drawer organizer like this one to ensure everything has a place.

Shop Now: The Container Store "Like-It" Drawer Organizer Starter Kit, $35.55, containerstore.com.

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Add Transparent Jars

darcy miller studios organization
Thuss + Farrel

Organize office supplies in transparent jars so you know what you're running low on—and what you have plenty of—at a glance.

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Sort Files in Style

Martha Stewart "Stack+Fit" Cardboard General File Sorter in Blue
Courtesy of Staples

A bright hue like blue makes sorting files manageable, while the five shelves in this compact organizer free up more space for you.

Shop Now: Martha Stewart "Stack+Fit" Cardboard General File Sorter in Blue, $31.19, staples.com.

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Keep Papers Tidy

pink tray with office equipment and supplies
Kana Okada

Gone are the days of papers everywhere. We're sharing tips on how to ensure every loose leaf has its own home.

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Make Use of Decorative Paper Clips

Daphna Laurens Paper Clips
Courtesy of Areaware

You'll get excited to file pieces of paper together with these avant-garde paper clips. We love the colors and shapes, and the price point.

Shop Now: Daphna Laurens Paper Clips, $20, aeraware.com.

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Place Pens and Pencils Together

Martha Stewart Linen Deluxe Desk Organizer
Courtesy of Staples

This desktop organizer will proudly hold your go-to pens and pencils. It features a linen base covered in glass to keep it clean, and brass hardware for an elegant, elevated look.

Shop Now: Martha Stewart Linen Deluxe Desk Organizer, $19.99, staples.com.

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Add a Pegboard

Bryan Gardner

This sturdy pegboard—in decidedly modern, sleek gray—becomes the perfect base for neon Plexiglas sheets and pegs, which help to store small papers and knickknacks. The best part is that it is customizable to your needs.

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Charge Efficiently

West Elm Cable Box in Black
Courtesy of West Elm

Place your phone, tablet, and computer chargers all in one place to power up. This structure organizes wires with openings for each device's charger for an all-in-one unit.

Shop Now: West Elm Cable Box in Black, $38, westelm.com.

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Add a Shelf

Skagerak "Vivlio" Shelf
Courtesy of Goodee

Elevate your office (both literally and figuratively) with a classic, sleek wooden shelf. Designed to fit within a frame system, which is sold separately, this small shelf is ideal for tighter spaces.

Shop Now: Skagerak "Vivlio" Shelf, $249, goodeeworld.com.

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Cart Items Around

Mind Reader "Charm" 3-Tier Metal/Wood Utility Cart
Courtesy of Amazon

An open-air cart is the epitome of a multi-use product. This one can help with your office organizing by allowing you to put anything from plants to pens and notebooks on each shelf. The metal and wood construct is the perfect amount of industrial style we love.

Shop Now: Mind Reader "Charm" 3-Tier Metal/Wood Utility Cart, $56.81, amazon.com.

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Create a Catchall for Pins and Tacks


Stepping on a tack that haphazardly rolled onto the floor is the worst. As a solution, a vintage soap dish can be repurposed into a holder for these tiny bits and affixed to the bottom of the bulletin board where you use them.

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Use Baskets for Storage

Hawkins New York "Shape" Baskets
Courtesy of Hawkins New York

Utilize baskets under your desk or behind your office door to house anything from your work shoes to a back pillow. These are decorative yet minimal, making them the perfect choice.

Shop Now: Hawkins New York "Shape" Baskets, $180 for three, hawkinsnewyork.com.

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Maximize Space with a Hanging Lamp

Ditte Isager

Instead of taking up precious desk space, opt for a vertical pendant lamp. We decorated this one in a nautical style with blue and white stripes, but you could create any design you love.

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Make a Magnetic Clip Organizer

Andrew Ingalls

Your eyes will be drawn to these colorful magnetic blocks used to organize paper clips and safety pins of all sizes. The secret is to secure a strong magnet to the underside of a wooden container's lid. Pick your favorite Martha Stewart Crafts paint color, get creative with a stencil, and display it on your desktop.

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Craft Wooden Storage Boxes

Andrew Ingalls

Easy to make and aesthetically pleasing, these painted wooden storage boxes are just the thing to add to your desk—and your office organization to-do list. Look for a container that suits your style, paint a fun color-block pattern with Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface, and hide away your odds and ends.

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