Credit: C. Bingham

It's important that your living areas feel warm and inviting to guests without being overcrowded. In spacious living areas, I like to use large area rugs and place the front legs of my sofas along the outer borders of the rug. This allows ample space for a beautiful coffee table and room for guests to circulate and converse during a party.

Credit: C. Bingham

Ambient lighting is key to a beautiful-looking home. I love using floor and table lamps throughout my house, especially in rooms with limited outdoor or overhead lighting. Adding a floor lamp to a dark corner provides warmth and makes every space more inviting.

Credit: C. Bingham

When space permits, a beautiful breakfast table adjacent to your kitchen is a wonderful way to provide a casual, everyday dining space that is more functional and inviting than a formal dining room.

Credit: C. Bingham

Using a console table behind a sofa in a living room helps the room feel more interesting and inviting. Guests see a beautiful console with curated items on it as opposed to entering a room and seeing only the back of a sofa.

Credit: C. Bingham

There's nothing like waking up to a beautiful view. Instead of placing your bed adjacent to a window, try putting it on the other opposite side of the room. Waking up to the sun coming through a window or French doors is a wonderful way to greet the day.


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