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A Wild, Garden-Inspired Hydrangea Arrangement

Follow along as I create a loose, sculptural garden arrangement of tardiva hydrangea, cafe latte roses, scabiosa, grape ivy and persimmons.

Tools to make the arrangement

Tardiva hydrangea is definitely my favorite variety of this classic and much-loved flower. I just love the lacy, romantic petals and hearty green leaves. The fluttery white petals even take on a hint of pink as the season progresses -- which is when I like to use them the most. If you look closely, you'll see this in the arrangement I created. Since this particular variety has such light and airy petals, I love using the flowers as highlights in my summer arrangements. 


For this arrangement, I used a shallow footed brass bowl with a flower frog.

Create a sculptural base

I started by creating a sculptural shape with the grape ivy and persimmons.

Add in the highlights

I then blended in the tardiva hydrangea, keeping an airy feeling and creating movement throughout the arrangement.

The final arrangement!

Last, I added in the roses and scabiosa as the focal flowers to give some grounding to the arrangement.


This type of centerpiece would be great for a dining or coffee table. You can also substitute other flowers and greenery to give this arrangement your own original unique style. 


Display your beautiful arrangement in an easy-to-paint flower vase!