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10 Ways to Use Yellow In Your Home Decor

Ripe Filipino mangos, the hills of Tuscany dotted with sunflowers, the joviality of a rubber ducky, a sunset’s warm golden glow -- these are a few of my favorite things, and they are all yellow! For me, all associations I have with yellow are cheerful and buoyant, so why not incorporate it into home decor? These tips will help you do just that without making your space too kitschy or infantile.

Courtesy of Miller Design, Photo by Mark Peters

Change Up Your Hardware

Think of your front door’s hardware as your home’s handshake -- it is literally a turn of your wrist and an entry into a person’s soul, experiences, and memories. No one wants to shake a limp and dull hand, so why would you curate your home’s greeting in a similar fashion? Rather than paint your door, choose vibrant yellow hardware, and your home will forever give only the most pleasant of salutations. 

Courtesy of Rejuvenation

Choose a Bright Mirror

A merry yellow mirror, like this one from Rejuvenation, will not only reflect a positive image, but will make the room jovial and light. Think about a yellow-framed mirror as a piece of art in an entryway, a guest bedroom, or bathroom. 

Courtesy of Pushh Construction

Use Yellow Lights as Accents

Adding unique lighting to a room provides a quick (and many times affordable) face-lift. You only need a few lights to make a huge difference. 

Courtesy of Kevin Dumais Interior Design, Photo by Joshua McHugh

Paint Your Bed Frame

Go off the wall. Try painting furniture instead. A classic bed frame in bright rubber-ducky yellow can bring a cheery glow to any room.

Courtesy of De Meza + Architecture

Use It in Unexpected Places

Are you someone whose drawer contents are not always perfectly tidy, with undies lacking folds and shirts not pressed? Not to worry, brighten up your (organized) mess by painting the insides of your drawers yellow! You may be inspired to arrange your clothes to complement the color, or you may be too fixated by the marigold to worry about a thing!

Courtesy of Carla Lane Interiors

Add a Burst of Color to Any Room

Although I am someone who revels in an extremely organized home, there are many times when laundry feels more like an annoying chore than a satisfying organization task. Perhaps a laundry room (although I don't have one in NYC, but hey -- a girl can dream!) with a lemon-colored pocket door would entice me!

Courtesy of Pyrolave

Install a Sunny Sink

Wouldn’t washing dishes be so much more fun if you did them in a bright daffodil-yellow sink? When you design your next kitchen, think about a colorful sink to that will bring pleasure to the most mundane of chores. 

Courtesy of Sustainable Kitchens

Update Your Appliances

A daffodil-colored kitchen sink doesn’t do it for you? What about a stunning canary-yellow oven? Imagine pulling out a perfectly roasted turkey from the mouth of this dazzling appliance. Baking will be less tedious and even more enjoyable with some added color. 

Courtesy of Benjamin Dhong Interior Design

Add Pops of Color with Your Furniture

If you’re aiming for more of a classic kitchen, try bringing bursts of color with breakfast bar stools. You and your children will enjoy zesty glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice and buttery croissants atop primrose-colored seating. 

Courtesy of One Kings Lane

Liven Up Your Outdoor Space

Bring the rays of the sun into your backyard by incorporating a warm yellow in your outdoor furniture. Patios (after closets, of course) are, for me, one of the most important areas of the home and they become even more inviting when they have dots of sunny yellow!


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