Life can get busy, and it's not always easy maintaining the housework and keeping things organized. Obviously, making things messy is unavoidable, but with just a few steps, you can stay ahead of the game and avoid getting overwhelmed by cleaning!
Shoe Organizer

Being a mom of three little girls, I confront a lot of mess throughout the day, and I've quickly learned what works (and what doesn't) when it comes to keeping the house orderly.

Everything Must Have a Place​

This is easier than it sounds, but it's definitely key to keeping things organized. A lot of times, messes can build up because there really isn't anywhere to put certain things. Then eventually you have a pile of random stuff with no actual place for it. Finding a place for things throughout your house will make it easier when it comes to putting it away. One of my favorite places in the house is our shoe organizer. With five people under one roof, you can imagine the shoe pileup by the front door! I found this super cute piece of furniture and thought it would be perfect to store shoes in. Much better than all over the floor! I also love this because my kids can easily place their shoes in the cubbies, and it doesn't require too much work!

Organization Basket

Tidy Up Every Night

No one wants to clean their house after a long day, but picking up things before you go to sleep really helps maintain a clean and orderly house. For example, if you leave your dishes for the morning, most likely they won't be done until much later the next day, causing dishes to pile high! Putting them away at night means waking up to a nice clean kitchen, and I think we can all agree how nice that really is! Before my kids go to bed, I always have them pick up their toys, especially the ones that made it downstairs. I love placing a basket at the bottom of the stairs to throw things in that need to make their way back up the stairs. I'll have my oldest carry the basket and then together we put the items where they belong.

Individual bathroom cleaning supplies

Establish a Cleaning Schedule and Be Prepared

This is something that I recently started doing, and it's made my life so much easier! Before when I would clean, I would fit it in when I had time and remembered to do so. A lot times I wouldn't get to everything that needed to be cleaned, laundry would pile up, and I would immediately feel overwhelmed. Keeping a cleaning schedule can help you feel and be more organized.

For example, on Mondays you could clean the bathrooms and on Tuesdays you could mop the floors, etc. Make sure you write out a little calendar to remind yourself what you need to clean that day. This is also a great way to assign chores to your kids, roommates, or a spouse who might need a little extra "encouragement" sometimes. The same goes for laundry. Spreading the laundry out to one load a day, like whites on Monday's, can ease the laundry pile-up and help you wash and put away that laundry a lot faster! A quick tip for in-between cleaning: Make sure each bathroom has its own cleaning supplies. That way, if you ever need to do a quick clean up, the supplies are there and ready!

With these simple tips, you will be on your way to a cleaner and more organized household!


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