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A New Twist on the Ol' Fruit-and-Cheese Plate

It’s inevitable that you’ll be hosting your share of parties this summer. To make them a success, we’re redefining the perfect party companion: the cheese plate.

Photography by: Michelle Moore

Simple & Crisp apple, orange, and pear crackers paired with delectable cheeses will be a unique and fresh spin on the traditional cheese-and-cracker routine -- guaranteed your guests will be heading back to the kitchen for more!


An apple cracker paired with a slice of smoked Gouda, topped with a dollop of plum jam is a match made in barbecue heaven. The sweetness of the apple and plum combined with the smokiness of the cheese will complement your grilled cuisine and impress your taste buds.

Photography by: Michelle Moore

It wouldn’t be a party without a spin on the classic Caprese. A pear cracker spread with a mouthwatering slice of burrata (mozzarella’s buttery cousin!), fresh basil, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar will catch the attention of your fellow foodies.

Photography by: Michelle Moore

The fragrant citrus aromas of the orange cracker and the generous layer of creamy chevre will keep you feeling summery, but top it off with pistachios and a sprinkle of cinnamon for a peak at fall.

Photography by Michelle Moore


Another good snack to have at your get-together: caramel corn! Watch this video for the how-to.