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Floral Stenciled Dining Chair

Soft floral accents upgrade any cushioned chair with this simple, yet elegant, stenciled DIY. 

Source: Martha Stewart


If you're itching to give your dining room a makeover, start with the simple things: chairs. This pretty idea will quickly upgrade your space's look with a subtle floral touch. 


  1. Base-coat fabric sections of chair with Smoke. Apply two coats, letting it dry between coats.

  2. Paint all wood sections of chair with Tilled Soil. Apply two coats, letting it dry between coats.

  3. Stencil large blossom design onto fabric section of chair (as shown in photo) using Spring Lilac. Let dry.

  4. Very lightly sand fabric to “soften” paint.

  5. Apply clear wax to all wood sections. Let dry and buff with soft cloth.

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