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Apple Pie Spice and Beyond: More Takes on Apple Pie

Photography by: Gabriela Herman

With pumpkin spice and chai enjoying their current pop-culture pedestal, does it seem like apple spice has fallen by the wayside? This simple mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves is a classic. The general ratio is approximately 4:2:1, with cinnamon taking the lead and clove bringing up the caboose. It's easy to combine the spices to make your own take on apple pie spice, and added to pie it makes for an apple-solutely delicious dessert. Our classic apple pie recipe showcases the trinity wonderfully. But don't just save it for pie, try it in apple crisp or crumble and add spice to muffins.


Cinnamon Is Key

Cinnamon is the dominant ingredient in apple pie spice. Some may say it's America's favorite spice. As with all spices, cinnamon should be stored in a cool, dry place. Also, don't use cinnamon or other spices that have been in your pantry for more than a year! The flavor will have dissipated. Apple-pie purists, like Martha, favor cinnamon and a little lemon. Try her Mile-High Apple Pie and you'll see why. But even apple pie spice can use a flourish...


Take a Bite of This: Other Ways to Amp Up Your Apple Pie

Photography by: Mike Krautter

Caramel Apple Pie

Because, well, who doesn't love buttery caramel? It's a suprising addition to apple pie, but, boy does it work. Serve it a la mode because anything worth eating is worth eating with ice cream -- and because you can drizzle the ice cream with leftover caramel.

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Chai-Spice Apple Pie

Indian chai, featured in the much-loved chai-spice latte, is an exotic but most suitable addition to apple pie. Fennel and cardamom join hands with the cinnamon and cloves of apple pie spice in a union that's almost as good as the Spice Girls themselves. 

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Cheddar-Crusted Apple Pie

When there's cheese around, we don't like many other distractions. Let the cheese do the talking, we say. But rules are made to be broken, and this cheddar cheese crust makes a rich contrast for the apple inside.

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