Our Halloween Potluck Recipes Are Hauntingly Good

scaredy cat brownies

Whether you're hosting or bringing a dish to a Halloween potluck, you can have some fun with the food, especially if you use our scarily delicious recipes for a Halloween potluck. This is the time to go all out and not just with over-the-top costumes that take a page out of our founder's book. Channel Martha as you decorate your home and choose what to make for the potluck.

A successful potluck is about collaboration, the host isn't responsible for making all the food but remember that guests can help in other ways too. Some may prefer to bring Halloween-themed paper goods or beverages rather than preparing a crowd-friendly appetizer for the party. It's all about collaboration and enjoying a good time so that not even the ghost of a crumb will remain.

The alarming appetizers, devilish desserts, and wickedly good beverages we've gathered here are just right to share at a Halloween potluck party.

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Devilish Deviled Eggs

Devilish Deviled Eggs

Give a truly devilish spin to the classic deviled eggs that are a staple at every holiday gathering. Puréed red bell peppers create the pumpkin-colored hue.

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Crisp Candy-Corn Treats

Romulo Yanes

Here's a fresh take on Halloween's signature candy. Turn a classic rice cereal treat into a lightly citrus-flavored treat in the shape and color pattern of candy corn. Now take a bite out of that!

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Red Sangria


This blood-red drink will give grown-up guests a reason to celebrate. Add oranges and red apple slices to this adult punch for a fresh fruit flavor.

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Smoky Black-Bean Salsa

black bean salsa
Chelsea Cavanaugh

Go ahead and double dip. This black-bean salsa with a supernatural color is everything you need to kick off the potluck party. Scoop it into a cauldron serving bowl and watch the crowd get spooked by just how good it is.

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Candy-Corn Sugar Cookies


There's no easier or more suitable Halloween cookie topping than individual pieces of candy corn. These treats are kid-friendly and totally delicious.

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Halloween Blondies


The nutty richness of brown butter blondies is an easy canvas for peanut butter and chocolate add-ins from your Halloween candy stash.

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Scaredy-Cat Brownies

Scaredy-Cat Brownies

Take a bite out of these chocolate-peppermint brownies before they bite you back! If you're throwing a family-friendly Halloween potluck party, let the kids decorate these treats.

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Halloween Bloody Mary Shooters

halloween shooters
Bryan Gardner

Everyone loves a Bloody Mary but it usually screams brunch rather than Halloween beverage. Fear not—we've created a haunting concoction featuring black vodka and black lava salt. A few sips and it disappears like magic.

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Spiderweb Eggs

Spiderweb Eggs
Kate Sears

Blueberries color these creepy "spiderweb" eggs. The fruit cooks in boiling water along with the eggs and creates this eerie effect naturally.

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Prosciutto-Wrapped Fig Hearts

Prosciutto-Wrapped Fig Hearts
Addie Juell

These eerily delicious ham and fig hors d'oeuvres always seem to make their way onto our potluck party table.

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Graveyard Cake

graveyard cake
Sang An

This pumpkin spice cake with bleeding chocolate glaze is topped with espresso shortbread headstones to mark each slice. Dead clever, no?

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Garden-of-Evil Punch

garden of evil punch
Addie Juell

If you're hosting a Halloween potluck, serve this as your signature drink. It's sure to get all the ghouls talking. An enchanting combination of kumquats, cherries, grapes, and pomegranate seeds float atop a boozy pomegranate punch. It's simple to make but allow time for fruit combination to freeze.

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Black-Tahini and Eggplant Dip

medusas hair grissini and dark night dip
Addie Juell

Its color is well, a little unnerving but that's the point of this dip. Scare your guests at first but then soon they'll be enjoying this dark take on baba ghanoush. It's the black tahini that takes this appetizer into spooky territory.

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Raven's-Nest Cake

raven cake
Addie Juell

This deep dark chocolate cake is topped with a magical chocolate bird's nest. Create the nest by piping melted chocolate into a cake pan filled with chilled vodka—it forms an instant organic ring shape that you can pile high. It's pure magic to look at or to eat!

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Mummy Cupcakes

creepcake cupcakes mummies
Sang An

There's a bit more to unwrap here than the cupcake wrapper. These kid-friendly mummy cupcakes are piped with Swiss meringue buttercream for a startling, sugary finish.

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Vampire Vodka Cocktail

Vampire Vodka Cocktail

No garlic here! This vampy vodka-based cocktail starts with a delicious base of fresh grapefruit and lime juice, then bleeds with a ghastly infusion of agave syrup, pomegranate juice, and red beet juice.

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Crudités with Miso-Yogurt Dip

creepy crudites halloween appetizer
Chelsea Cavanaugh

How to make sure the crudités are scary enough for your ghoulish guests? Choose darker shades of vegetables, such as red endive, steamed purple potatoes, and red cabbage to serve with this spectral dip.

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Werewolf Paws

Werewolf Paws
Aaron Dyer

Madeleines—either store-bought or homemade—receive a terrifyingly delicious upgrade with chocolate frosting spread into a fur-like pattern and slivered almonds for claws. While we would certainly run away from a werewolf in real life, we can't wait to get our paws on these cookies.

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Spiderweb Cupcakes

Spider-Web Cupcakes
Barbara Donninelli

This fun centerpiece doubles as dessert for your Halloween potluck party. Use chocolate frosting and a thin piping tip to create a spiderweb effect on 18 dark chocolate cupcakes.

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Ghost in the Graveyard Cocktail

ghost cocktail

Black vodka is the perfect addition to your spooky Halloween bar cart. Here we mix it with espresso liqueur for a devilishly dark twist on an espresso martini with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top—a boozy affogato awaits.

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