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Tacos, Cucumbers, and Yes, More Turkey: 42 Burners This Week

If stove tops could talk, the 42 burners in the test kitchen of Martha Stewart Living would have a lot of stories to tell. This series gives you an inside look at what goes on in the culinary world's most coveted workshop. For more, follow @42burners.



For instant fish tacos, break out the jarred sardines! Yes, really!

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Side by side! Farmer's market cucumber tasting courtesy of recipe tester @lindsaystrand. Left to right: Japanese. Korean, Kirby, and Persian. (Japanese from #bodhitreefarm were our faves. <3) 

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It's the day after Thanksgiving in the test kitchen and food editor @brooklyncooks put the leftovers to use with this knife-and-fork open-faced sandwich. The breakdown from top to bottom: turkey, lots of stuffing with lots of gravy, clothbound cheddar, mayonnaise and Dijon, and a thick slice of lightly toasted rustic bread.


Inspired? If you don't have leftover turkey, maybe a Cobb-Salad Sandwich, Italian Pressed Sandwich, Deli Reuben?

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