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Giselle Gyalzen of Rare Device, Photography by Sarah Deragon

Meet Giselle Gyalzen, owner of one of San Francisco's most coveted shops, Rare Device. When it comes to decor, Gieselle has turned great style into a science. Both her Divisadero and Noe Street store locations -- known for their signature colorful and artistic visual displays -- are brimming with gorgeous items for you and your home. When it comes to mastering the art of decoring small spaces, Giselle has both shop and personal experience. Keeping the home of her husband and business partner, Phurba, and their two daughters alive with functional style has become a personal passion. You can actually see images of her beautiful home in the soon-to-be released The Shopkeeper's Home, by Caroline Rowland.

Here are some of her tips on making a big design impact on small-size spaces.

Air Plant Pods by Jo Boyer, Photography by Lisa Anderson Shaffer

When it comes to making the big decisions, Giselle suggests going white. "I'm an advocate of white or light-colored walls and lots of natural light for small spaces. It opens it up and gives it the light and airy feel. You can add color with the furniture, pillows, or objects that you choose to use within." She adds, "Small plants, like air plants need little care and bring some green indoors. These ceramic pieces are one of our best sellers and make for a nice display." These beautiful air plant pods are by ceramicist Jo Boyer.

"I Love You California" Cactus Print by 3 Fish Studios, Photography by Lisa Anderson Shaffer

Prints are a great way to bring life to your walls without covering too much real estate. "They are an easy, affordable, and effective way to bring art and design to a small space. We loved this one from 3 Fish that was made custom just for us here at the store."

Steel Clocks by Menu, Photography by Lisa Anderson Shaffer

In a small space, multitasking is key. Giselle suggests looking "for eye-catching designs that serve more than one purpose, like a beautiful clock, or bold ceramics." I love these modern lightly hued clocks from Menu.

Spoons by Roost, Photography by Lisa Anderson Shaffer

No storage space? No problem! Since you have no place to hide your wares, you might as well display them! When it comes to re-creating Giselle's signiture displays in your home, repetition works wonders. "Taking something you like and can use and repeating it works well for display." These gorgeous hand-carved spoons by Roost are among my favorite at the shop.

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