Ready to get wild? Kids will love transforming into playful animals with these masks made from paper plates.

Reprinted with permission from "Playful: Fun Projects to Make With + For Kids," © 2014 by Merrilee Liddiard, Stewart, Tabori & Chang, an imprint of Abrams Books. Photography by Nicole Hill Gerulat.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Photocopy or trace the Animal Mask template and cut out the shapes.

Step 2

Trace the template pieces onto colorful card stock and cut out the shapes. (You can use circle punches for the eye pieces.)

Step 3

Hold a paper plate to your face and note where the eyeholes should be. Mark the eye placement on the plate. Cut out the eyeholes, making them just a tad larger than the inside of the eye shapes you cut from card stock.

Step 4

Choose from one of three animal faces: the panda, the lion, or the bird.

Step 5

For the panda: Glue all the panda features onto the plate (the ears can be attached to the back side of the plate), referring to the project photograph for placement.

Step 6

For the lion: Make the lion's mane by tracing the outer edge of your paper plate onto a piece of card stock. Trace the inner edge of the plate inside the first circle your created, and cut out the ring to create the mane base. Cut several thin strips of a contrasting color card stock and glue them onto the base. Glue all the other features onto the paper plate, referring to the project photograph for placement.

Step 7

For the bird: Fold the bird beak piece in half lengthwise. Fold the side tabs under and run a strip of glue along each tab on the side that will be adhered to the paper plate. Referring to the project photograph, set the beak on the paper plate with the glue-coated pieces down, pressing on the tabs from the underside of the beak to affix the glue. Glue the remaining features onto the paper plate, referring to the project photograph for placement. Glue the feathers onto the edge of the plate, attaching them to the back side.

Step 8

When you are happy with your animal face, attach a straw or pencil to the back of the plate with strong tape and use it to hold up the mask. Or punch a hole on either side of the plate and tie on a strip of elastic for your little jungle animal to roam around hands-free!


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