If stovetops could talk, the 42 burners in the test kitchen of Martha Stewart Living would have a lot of stories to tell. This series gives you an inside look at what goes on in the culinary world's most coveted workshop. For more, follow @42burners.


It might be summer outside, but it's full-on Thanksgiving in the test kitchen. Recipe tester @lindsaystrand is getting a workout with this 17-pound beauty.

What's Your Turkey Personality? Find the Method That Suits You



Accuracy is key. We like to test our thermometers from time to time by placing them in a pot of water and bringing to a boil. Water boils at 212 degrees F.



Six cups of blueberries later, we've got ourselves a crisp!

Get the Blueberry Crisp Recipe



What's the secret to extra caramelized pan drippings?

1. Slice an onion into wedges, toss with olive oil and salt and pepper, and arrange in a heavy skillet.

2. Top with prepped chicken (brushed with olive oil, seasoned generously).

3. Roast at 450 degrees until cooked through, about 1 hour.

4. This is key: Pick at the jammy onions while chicken rests.

Get Our Garlic-Butter Roasted Chicken with Roasted Oranges and Red Onion Recipe


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