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The Best Way to Bathe Your Dog

Without the proper protocol, your pet's bath time can turn into a slippery mess. Following these guidelines will make cleaning your dog enjoyable for you both.

Photography by: Cultura RM / Alamy

No-Slip Zone!

To prevent slipping in the tub, place a towel or a rubber mat at the bottom of the tub.


Brush It Out

Prep your dog's coat for his or her bath by giving it a good brushing first. This removes knots that can be made worse in the water and loosens dirt to be washed away by shampoo.


Keep Clothes Dry

Your dog will likely have a tendency to shake excess water out of his coat. Make sure to wear clothing that you're not worried about getting soiled. Or wear an apron to help stay dry. A pair of rubber gloves also helps to protect your hands and nails.


Pet-Friendly Shampoo

Always remember to use a shampoo that has been specifically formulated for dogs. Pets have a different skin pH level compared to humans, and require special attention.


Lather and Rinse

Don't forget the feet! Remember to wash in between your pet's toes, in skin folds, under the tail, and around the rump. Gently clean his or her face with a warm washcloth, and make sure to keep shampoo and excess water out of his ears and eyes.


Time to Towel Off

Once your pet has inevitably shaken off, pat him down with a dry towel, and then brush out any knots or tangles that may have formed.


All Done!

That was easy! Give your pet a treat for a job well done.