These Kitchen Remodel Tips Will Help You Streamline the Heart of Your Home


The best kitchen remodels begin with a detailed plan of action—after all, if you're spending the time and money necessary to update the heart of your home, you want to get it right (the first time). While there are several ways to approach a renovation, you should always begin at the real reason for the update: Chances are, you want a new, upgraded kitchen that serves you (and your family) better than your old one ever could.

Enter the following kitchen remodel tips. They'll help you create a straightforward roadmap to revamping one of the most utilized parts of your house—one that sets you on your way toward a kitchen that's as functional (and beautiful) as it gets. And while thinking about the big-picture pieces—including your cabinetry, island, and freestanding storage options—is likely the first order of business, it's crucial to avoid forgetting about the smaller details that will take the final result to the next level. Consider your drawers, for example. Are they able to house your collection of pots and pans? Do their dividers account for all of your baking tools? Ultimately, making smart decisions about your kitchen's interior spaces—and giving yourself the proper amount of time to do so—is just as important as selecting the proper paint color, faucetry, or finishes.

From installing open shelving to establish the open, airy feeling you've always wanted to adding corbels to your island (to extend and maximize your counter space!), these kitchen remodel tips run the gamut. They'll help you make every decision, big and small, so you can craft the kitchen of your dreams.

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Open Your Shelving


Adding open shelves to your to kitchen will help create a spacious, airy feel—and allow you to show off your best dinnerware.

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Make Matches

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Don't overlook other areas of your kitchen when planning a renovation; the room can be utilized for much more than just cooking. Plot cabinetry strategically to carve out spaces—like an eating nook for breakfast and a seating area for entertaining—within your kitchen's floor plan. Be sure to choose a model that blends in seamlessly (consider style and color) with the rest of the space.

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Get Creative with Corbels


Adding corbels, or shelving supports, to islands and cabinets can be a beautiful way to extend your countertops and create extra space.

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Deck Out Your Drawers

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Deep drawers are ideal for storing bulky items like pots, pans, and mixing bowls. Consider adding in-drawer pegs, which help keep everything stylishly in place. They're the unsung heroes of organized kitchens.

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Keep It Together

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Keep the workflow of your kitchen in mind as you remodel. Create "stations" by grouping appliances and gadgets that have similar functions together, like coffee machines, tea kettles, and mugs, or mixing bowls, rolling pins, and a stand mixer.

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Go Up

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Cabinet storage can be stylish, too. Consider a top-hinge door to create easy access (most models' lids stay put when open!) and add a unique design feature to your space.

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Add Beauty and Function

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Keep in mind your goals for the new kitchen, including how you want to use the space (this involves factoring in your family's routine). If you have pets, consider creating a dedicated area for their food and supplies.

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Conquer Small Spaces

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Get smart with smaller kitchens. If the heart of your home is pressed for space, add extra storage elements like a lazy Susan or additional pull-out drawers. You'll enjoy the extra style and storage for years to come.

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Collective Color


When considering colors, remember to think about your kitchen as a whole; approach cabinets, countertops, drawers, and backsplashes holistically. For subtle variation, work in different shades of the same color, as opposed to using every shade of the rainbow.

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Be a Show-Off

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Do you have an heirloom china set? Or a servingware set that's too pretty to hide behind cabinet doors? Opt for glass-front cabinetry to show off your most prized possessions.

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Incorporate Freestanding Pieces

plaid decor hutch
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Take full advantage of your kitchen's space by including freestanding pieces. A hutch can be designed to fit against an available wall that isn't lined with built-in cabinets. It also allows for customization because it can be easily moved to other rooms. Build or purchase a piece that speaks to your existing cabinetry, or use it as an accent moment by selecting a different color or style.

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Think Inside the Drawer


Don't forget about the small details as you approach your kitchen remodel. Consider adding angled drawer dividers—they make it easy to store longer utensils, like rolling pins, and free up valuable countertop space.

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