No matter how you hang it, the best way to keep bikes indoors in a tidy manner requires a bit of drilling.

Start off with quality hooks like our Martha Stewart Living Garage Bike Hooks. Our sturdy hooks are made of high grade steel and designed to support heavy, awkward items like bicycles. You can also use hefty steel hooks from a hardware store but make sure you get the biggest size.

From Beams

This is perfect for a two-car garage. It will also work if you need a make-shift wall to divide up a garage or room. The best part about this is that you know the beams can support the full weight of the bikes.

From the Ceiling

This is the perfect solution if you are short on floor space. You probably shouldn't do this if you are not a professional...unless you want the whole ceiling crashing down on you.

From the Wall

Sometimes, you just want it off to the side. This is a particularly nice option if you have fancy bike that you would like to display. We suggest reading this Handy Guide to Securing Anchors before you begin.

Non-Hook Methods

For kids' bikes, we suggest a simpler approach like using bungie chords to hold bikes up against the wall. Another fun option is to use bright-colored tape to mark the floor to make parking spots!

Here are more tips for bike riders:


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