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Property for Sale? Try These Staging Tips to Up Your Home Value

Are you selling your house? Home staging can help sell your home up to 30 percent more money than an un-staged home. Staging can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $500,000, but using our expert tips will cost you little to no money! Here is an inside look at a luxurious loft we staged in New York.

Master Bedroom

Pick the perfect paint

Always go with a shade of white so potential home buyers can image the room in whichever color they like. If your walls are already painted bold colors, you can save money by just painting the ceilings white. This can sometimes make a room look larger! 


Add a bedroom seating area

It may seem counter intuitive to pack in more furniture, but it can make a room feel larger if the right size furniture is used.

Living Room

Style your coffee table like a pro

When designing the top of your coffee table, start with something large and wonderful in the middle, like a floral arrangement in an interesting pot or a large bowl filled with decorative stones. Then build out from that: stacks of art books, candles, sculpture or pottery.


Create a friendly environment with fresh flowers

We use fresh orchids in every home we stage. They to make each room feel inviting and look elegant.


Take down family photos

It can be difficult for a family to imagine themselves living in your home when it's filled with personal belongings. Take down the majority of personal pictures, maybe leaving one or two throughout the home is enough.


Organize your bookshelf 

Wrap books in matching wallpaper for a clean, organized look. 


Don't forget about the outdoors 

Think like your indoors and divide the outdoor space into rooms. What will you be doing in each room? If you have the space, do a dining room and living room. The furnishings should relate to what you will be doing in each space. Put two chairs and a little drink table in an area that no one uses and suddenly you have lounge area!