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A Touch of Rouge: 10 Ways to Use Red in Your Home Decor

A gorgeous gown, a shiny sports car: There's something about red that brings so much drama.

Photo courtesy of MKL Construction Corp.


Nothing makes a strong statement like bold lighting. Why not create a daring space with a red art deco chandelier, a beautiful standing lamp, or even some red lampshades?

House Port LLC, Avery Meyers Photography


Incorporating red into your dining table can sometimes be tricky. No one wants a very busy eyesore of a space! But I love the look of red chairs with a wooden table and the rustic outdoors.

Photo Courtesy of And George


Books are a coveted item in the home and are a beautiful and simple way to make your home look even more cozy. Decorating a library with red leather-bound antique books is an elegant and classic way to bring some color into your space.

Photo courtesy of Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Picture Frames

Adding a touch of color to your picture frames creates a whimsical and fun dimension to your home, especially when framing black-and-white prints. Next time you’re at your local framer, I urge you to go bold, rather than the classic black, gold, or silver leaf.

Photo courtesy of Graham Brown


I am incredibly fond of patterns, and am probably guilty of cramming too many into one space. However, if you want to add some pattern and color to your home, there's no better way to do it than with some beautiful wallpaper. Use bold patterns in small spaces, but err on the side of caution when wallpapering a large room -- no one wants to be sitting in a living room that makes them dizzy!

K. Marshall Design, Michael J. Lee Photography

Entry Tables

An entry tables is, metaphorically speaking, a home’s embrace. It welcomes you and bids you adieu, and if styled correctly, always reminds you to bring your keys! A red entry table makes your welcome and good-bye that much more vibrant!


Photo courtesy of GNE Architecture


Although a white bathroom certainly looks crisp and clean, a red-tiled bathroom adds a sophisticated element. You can use unconventional shapes like circle or hexagonal tiles to add an even more interesting touch!

Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn

Dots of Color

The easiest way to incorporate red (without investing too much or drastically changing your space) is to add red accents in your decor. Pillowcases, garden stools, even faux coral decorative elements will liven up your space very quickly!

Photo courtesy of Rikki Snyder


Yes, adding a gorgeous red carpet will enhance your living space, but what about painting your wooden floors red? Such a unique idea and a fabulous look.

Photo courtesy of Jill Sörensen Lifestyle


Paint your shelving red -- even if you're unsure of using such a bold color -- I can guarantee you that the results will be stunning! This green boys' room looks even more elevated and fun with the bright-red bookshelves, and by choosing the right hues it doesn't look like Christmas.