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Make Your Office More Inspiring with These 3 Simple Decoration Ideas

Keep your workspace fresh and your mind clear.

Summer has hit full throttle in New York City -- the sun is finally hot, the kids are out of school, and the days are so wonderfully long -- all of which makes it extremely difficult to stay focused on your work, especially when you work from home! Because, let’s be honest, working in a nontraditional environment has its perks, but being productive isn’t always one of them. However, we at Apartment 34 are strong believers that if your space is organized, you’re day will be too. So to stay on top of your to-do list and more importantly, to stay planted at your desk, we have three simple decor updates that’ll make you never want to leave your office! 

Wire Mood Board
Photo by Aubrie Pick

To keep yourself organized, make a stylish mood board. We love this modern DIY wire-grate moodboard: it's one you will actually want to put on the wall! It's the perfect place to hang pretty magazine tears, art, fabric, and anything else that is inspiring you. A simple trip to the hardware store yields a great large-scale wire grating for around $7! To take it a little beyond junkyard chic, simply lay it down on some cardboard and spray-paint it white. A mood board is also an ideal solution for an awkward wall space that needs some visual interest. It adds texture and style all on its own.

Magazine Storage
Photo by Aubrie Pick

For those who can’t bear to throw out your favorite magazines but need a serious storage solution for them, we have it here. Belt them up! Piles of magazines on the floor, on shelves, or even on your desk can seem unintentional and most times, just messy. Take your favorite belt and wrap a stack of magazines in it and boom -- your favorite stacks not only have a decor purpose, but look totally chic!

Gallery Wall
Photo by Aubrie Pick

When it comes to gallery walls, folks seem to think that you need a whole museum of pieces until you can display your collection. Au contraire! Create a mini gallery wall in a corner or on a small space of wall with just 3 to 4 pieces of art. It makes for a cute yet impactful moment in your office. If you already have a gallery going, don't be afraid to change it up for summer. Don’t let those holes in the wall pressure you into committing -- the different perspective is refreshing and seriously reinvigorating.