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How to Set an Outdoor Table

Summer is for dining under the warm rays of the sun for as many meals as possible! Here are a few tips on how to set a perfect (and functional) outdoor table.


Use Bright Colors

Go bold! You’re celebrating the warm weather and sunshine, so use a tablecloth that is equally as vibrant as your mood.



I think of setting the table as getting dressed. I tend to wear a lot of accessories, and I set the table in much the same way -- in my opinion, you can never have too many beautiful things on the table. Pile the table with lots of layers -- plate chargers, beautiful silverware, colorful napkins...but keep it functional and easy.


Keep It Casual

Outdoor gatherings do not have to be formal. The beauty about entertaining in your garden or patio is that guests can feel relaxed. The centerpiece you set atop the table should reflect that sense of ease. Grab some wildflowers from the garden and arrange them casually. 

Photography by: Prod-vijayan
Martha Stewart collection melamine dinnerware.

Use Reusable Dinnerware

I normally am not an advocate for plastic plates and utensils, but entertaining outside by the pool calls for durable dinnerware. I recommend using reusable acrylic dinnerware, like these.


Fill Up Pitchers

Who wants to keep running back and forth to refill glasses with sangria? I never use pitchers as much as I do when entertaining outside and suggest you do too.


Watch the video below for tips on outdoor lighting!