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June Book Club: "The Third Plate"

Join the Living Book Club this month as we enter summer with "The Third Plate," an eye-opening read by Dan Barber about the farm-to-table movement.

Assistant Managing Editor
Photography by: Bryan Gardner

The days are getting longer and the sun is starting to linger. The beginning of summer is always a perfect time to pick up a new and engaging book. We decided to pair this month's book club selection with our annual June Food issue and picked a book that tackles the importance of the omnipresent question: "Where exactly does our food come from?"


Now out in paperback, Dan Barber's "The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food" takes a critical look at the food sustainability movement while entertaining the reader with Barber's captivating narrative. We can't wait to take a bite out of this thought-provoking nonfiction work. Who said you couldn't learn something new during summer?!

From the Publisher:

Today’s optimistic farm-to-table food culture has a dark secret: The local food movement has failed to change how we eat. It has also offered a false promise for the future of food. In his visionary New York Times bestselling book, chef Dan Barber offers a radical new way of thinking about food that will heal the land and taste good, too. Looking to the detrimental cooking of our past and the misguided dining of our present, Barber points to a future “third plate”: a new form of American eating where good farming and good food intersect. Barber’s "The Third Plate" charts a bright path forward for eaters and chefs alike, daring everyone to imagine a future for our national cuisine that is as sustainable as it is delicious.


We'd love to hear if you're reading along! This one made us look at the food we eat every day in a whole new light. Let us know what you're learning as you read!