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Throw a Twin-spired Gemini Birthday Party

Geminis, born between May 21 and June 20, are known for being independent and energetic -- but that doesn’t mean they should have to plan their own parties! Celebrate your favorite twin with these Gemini-inspired food and decorations.


Gemelli, the name of this pasta shape, means “twin” in Italian. Serve it up with a perfectly seasonal twinset of peas: English and sugar snap.

double pork sausage in blue pan
Photography by: Jonathan Lovekin

Two porks are better than one! This bacon-wrapped sausage makes a delightful party bite.


Celebrate Gemini’s dual nature and independent spirit by skipping the birthday cake in favor of half-moon cookies.

Photography by: Nick and Chloe

Everyone’s a double when they’re looking in the mirror! Scatter fun-house mirrors around the party for ambience and photo ops.

Photography by: Eric Paisecki

Put out glitter candlesticks in sets of two. Go for Gemini birthstone colors: emerald (for May babies) or alexandrite, a light amethyst (for those born in June).

Photography by: Johnny Miller

Celebrate Gemini’s upbeat personality with a bright yellow table setting. Don't forget a cheerful tablecloth to match!