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Steamboats remain afloat in American folk history. Create your own model. Reprinted with permission from "Colossal Paper Machines" © 2015 by Phil Conigliaro [Workman]. Photographs by Tae Won Yu.

Photography: Tae Won Yu

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Craft glue

  • A pencil (the cylinder piece can be made by wrapping the pieces around a pencil to create a curl)

  • 11" x 17" Cardstock paper

  • Scissors


  1. The Steamboat is made of three main parts: the hull (in blue), the stern wheel (in red), and the decks (in yellow). Download and print out the Steamboat template (double-sided so the sections match up) on cardstock paper.

  2. Following the Steamboat visual instructions for reference, build the three sections separately. Cut out all the parts outlined in blue. Then proceed to the red section, then the yellow section. Pop out and complete only one color group at a time before moving on to the next color group.

  3. Combine the parts to create a finished steamboat.

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