Smart Space-Saving Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms


Do you have a small, crowded bathroom? Join the club. But know that both style and storage can co-exist, even in the tiniest of spaces. Here are some of our best space-saving ideas to show you how.

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Joseph De Leo

When it comes to organizing a small bathroom, there is one absolutely vital rule: Find a rightful place for everything. Of course, that's a lot easier said than done, and abiding by the rule gets even trickier when you consider the fact that aesthetics are just as important as saving space—especially in the most utilitarian of rooms. Even so, striking the right balance between form and function is not an impossibility.

First, consider who will be using the bathroom most. This is an important distinction: A bathroom designed for a family is going to have some very different organizational needs than one used by an occasional house guest, for instance. On the other hand, a couple whose schedule puts them in the bathroom at the same time every morning is going to need to factor that routine into their design and organizing plan.

Once your day-to-day needs are clear, prepare to get creative with how you lay out your space. Even if you only use your bathroom to house a curated selection of everyday toiletries, there are ample ways to maximize every square foot, including those behind closed doors. Bathroom drawers come in second only to junk drawers in their messiness, and not organizing the insides of cabinets and drawers can be a missed opportunity to corral clutter when space is limited.

No matter what the organizing task you're tackling, purging is another inevitable part of the process. Luckily, these smart, space-saving bathroom storage solutions will help you maintain a well-organized area and peace of mind.

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Family Business

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As you might expect, a bathroom shared by the whole family is bound to get chaotic, especially during the morning rush. And if it's disorganized, then it can feel even more cramped and cluttered than it really is. If you can, choose cabinets that allow separate spaces for each person who uses the bathroom. Shelves and a lazy Susan help to keep necessities separate but easily accessible.

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Mount Spice Racks

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Raymond Hom

Here's a space-saving solution that's worth its salt (and pepper): Cut down on morning bathroom time and carve out a quiet space just for you by mounting spice racks on the back of a closet door to corral your beauty essentials. You can even invert one of these narrow shelves and use it as a towel-bar-slash-accessories-perch; just slip out the two keyhole-shaped brackets on the back, flip them, pop them back in, and hang it upside down. Behold: You now have your very own stress-free dressing station, with no one knocking to come in.

Extra points for personality: The natural wood is easy to paint any color you please.

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Make It Magnetic


In order to make the most of a small bathroom, sometimes you have to think inside of the box. A medicine cabinet becomes more efficient if you affix a sheet of precut galvanized steel to its interior with construction adhesive. Magnetic hooks can hold scissors and a mirror, and small plastic cups corral small necessities, such as rubber bands and hair clips.

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Divide and Prosper

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Sharing is important in any relationship, but things can get hairy when it comes to small bathroom storage. Case in point: the sharp-elbowed nudges caused by an unorganized vanity. The solution is to divvy up surfaces and compartments. Wooden boxes and trays in various sizes help categorize items.

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Let It Slide


Fit central cabinets with roll-out trays, which house necessities like soaps, lotions, hairdryers, and more. The easy slide function creates a quick and seamless way to access your items, while the behind closed doors approach hides any clutter.

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Keep to Yourself


Side cabinets, like the vanity's countertops, should be divided as well. Keep everything from your favorite body wash to cotton swabs in a portable basket and store towels on the spare shelves in the cabinet.

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Guest Services

Joseph De Leo

If you regularly have visitors, keeping an organized guest bathroom is an easy way to make sure your loved ones feel welcome and at home. Guest bathrooms require frequent cleaning, so keep a plastic bin of necessary cleaning supplies in the largest cabinet. It's also good to stash a season's worth of toilet paper so that the guest doesn't have the awkward task of asking for more.

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Hide It in Plain Sight

Joseph De Leo

Copy: Because guests will be unfamiliar with the layout of your bathroom, it is best to leave important items—like a hair dryer—out in the open where they can see them. Place items on a mounted wall shelf or even a well-organized bathroom cart.

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Stack It Up


Houseguests almost always forget something. Show some hospitality by providing a three-tier basket containing those easily forgotten items, like toothbrushes, toothpaste, and deodorant. It'll look both elegant and welcoming and make the most of your small space

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Floating Shelves

Aaron Dyer

A smart way to save space in your tight-knit powder room is by going vertical. Hang shelves above the toilet or on an open wall and place your go-to items atop it for easy access.

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