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Lemon Blueberry Muffins

Recipe photo courtesy of Mike Krautter

The bright tang of lemon zest and juice mingled with sweet blueberries makes these muffins worth waking up for.

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  • alandkay573952
    5 AUG, 2018
    An experienced baker, I was expecting a lot better from Martha Stewart. After following the recipe exactly, I wound up with heavy, doughy muffins with a lovely lemon flavor. Ever too trusting, I always follow directions exactly first time out, but I should have done what others here said -- add more liquid. But what I'll actually do is go back to my basic Fannie Farmer recipe that calls for less flour and more liquid, and sub lemon juice for some of the milk and add lemon rind. I can't imagine that this recipe was tested, and I'm puzzled as to how some reviewers thought it was good.
  • toogood
    19 AUG, 2015
    I made this recipe a few days ago. I was surprised at how stiff and heavy the batter was, unlike any other muffin batter that I have ever worked with. I rechecked the recipe and I had followed it correctly. I didn't want to waste ingredients, so I experimented by adding milk, a few tablespoons at a time, until the consistency was more desirable, about another half cup. Is it possible that there is an error? The final product was very good. I would appreciate any feedback.
    • MS10848907
      24 JUN, 2018
      First, I am a Martha fan and, as such, it pains me to write this. The Lemon-Blueberry muffin recipe has confounded me from the first try. I've made it a total of three times and the more I fooled with it, the worse the product was. The first time I followed the recipe exactly, ignoring the extremely thick batter. Reminded me of a brioche dough. The muffins didn't cook in 20 minutes and so I added another 5 minutes and by the time I got them out, the top was so hard and the muffin was dry. It reminded me of stale cake. I've made it three more times - increasing the milk until the batter was more liquidy. Yuck is the best I can say. I did notice that my rack was up rather high because I put it there to bake off some sticky buns. Could that be the reason? I'm going back, repeat the original recipe and change the oven rack position. More later.
    • amandamatics
      13 JAN, 2016
      My batter also turned out very thick with these directions. Like the other commenter, I added milk until the consistency was smoother and more liquid-y, and the muffins turned out alright (but not great).
  • derekrita
    24 MAY, 2018
    I really like them, better than I thought because I too found the batter thick, so I added more milk! I cut back on the sugar to 3/4 of a cup, added more lemon they are delicious!
  • wilpri
    24 APR, 2018
    I rarely write food reviews - and I don't like blueberries - but these are delicious. Perfect exactly as written. Now I have a reason to like blueberries.
  • shaynamedinger
    29 JAN, 2018
    Not sure why there are so many complaints -- I made these exactly like the recipe said, and they turned out great! If anything, I might add a smidge more sugar (as I like my muffins really sweet), but overall I really like how these turned out!
  • lisajankowska
    29 AUG, 2017
    Just made it. Read the comments first. It amazes me that people would alter the recipe and then have the gall to complain and the result. I made it exact to the recipe and they turned out absolutely perfect. Light and fluffy. My tip to new bakers is to be careful not to over-mix when adding the liquids to the flour. Mix until "just combined" keeping in mind you will be folding in the blueberries after. Also the milk will curdle when added to the lemon juice - don't worry, it's supposed to.
    • lisajankowska
      29 AUG, 2017
      *about the result
  • ALR9818109DW
    16 FEB, 2017
    I too, thought the batter was excessively thick and heavy when I finished mixing. I double and triple checked the recipe, sure that I must have missed an ingredient, but I didn't..I considered adding milk, but decided to trust Martha. I baked it as is. I'm glad I did. Martha knows what she's doing. The muffins were excellent, delicious. The recipe is perfect just the way it is.
  • gloriaashby76
    16 JAN, 2017
    Martha never fails me! My girls love these muffins. They are purple because I used frozen triple berries. Filled cups less than suggested so the girls can take them on the go.
    • ALR3718414DW
      27 JAN, 2017
      Martha's epic fail. Worse recipe ever. She probably never even tried this recipe. DON'T waist your ingredients on this. You should never have to adjust a recipe to make things work. It took 1 cup milk to make this and they didn't even taste that great. Heavy, chewy, yech!!

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