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Bring on the Blues! How to Decorate with this Cool Color

Navy, teal, periwinkle -- no matter what shade of blue you prefer, adding a splash can have quite the calming effect on your living space without being too bold. Here are 10 ideas to try.

Photo courtesy of Farrow and Ball

Prints in Small Spaces

I love nothing more than to dress up small spaces with bold prints. I love this lotus wallpaper in deep navy -- so much so that the print adorns a nook behind my bed! Applying prints to small, unexpected places like powder rooms or small nooks quickly elevates the space -- without your having to spend too much money on an entire room. 

Photo by Charles Clark


I am always drawn to colorful doors. I love looking at the different hues of front doors while walking on the cobblestone streets of Charleston, Cartagena, or Nantucket and imagining what's on the other side.

Photo courtesy of Serena and Lily


Spruce up your wooden floors with a dazzling blue rug, or bring your outdoor patio to life with patterned tile flooring. Adding just a hint of blue will make the space entirely unique with a little extra flair.

Photo courtesy of Society Social

Bursts of Color

Bring vibrant shades of turquoise into your home -- on pillow, curtains, or even painted rattan chairs

Photo courtesy of Cristina Soriano Lifestyle


I bought this fantastic blue-and-white dinnerware from a Chinese market and use it every day. It's not only a whimsical way to incorporate blue into your home, but it goes with everything. Plus, it pairs well with different prints. Or, opt for solid colors and get a full dinnerware set in a beautiful shade of blue.



Incorporate lighter shades of blue in unexpected places, like in the interiors of your china cabinets. Or, try using the silky hue on your kitchen backsplash with aqua tiles. 

Photography by: Eric Piasecki


Bring your fireplace to front-and-center focus by brightening up the mantle with either a coat of blue paint of a mosaic of tiles. 



Add some blue accents to your bedding by using a patterned fabric or by monogramming your initials in royal blue. 

Photo courtesy of Ethan Allen


This blue-and-white pattern is one of my absolute favorites. It is such a classic, but you can go a bit bolder by using them to hold colorful flowers like daffodils, hydrangeas, and peonies.

Photography by: Seth Smoot


Go completely bold! Changing the color of the your walls is an affordable way to liven up your home without doing major changes. 


Check out the video below for some essential painting tips!