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An Outdoor Entertaining Checklist

Whether you're hosting a garden party, cookout, or backyard picnic, be sure to assemble all your supplies a few days in advance of the party to save yourself from having to rush around during the event. Rent or buy the basics, and use as many lightweight and waterproof items as possible. Print this handy checklist from "Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook" to make sure your party lives up to its potential.




Bar towels


Blender, if making blended drinks; you'll also need a power source or an extension cord.


Corkscrew and bottle opener


Table, chairs, ground cloth, cushions


Tablecloths and napkins


Dinnerware, glassware, flatware, serving bowls, utensils, and trays


Food protectors: Mesh fly covers will keep pests away from food; beverages can be covered with weighted handkerchiefs or napkins.


Cooler, ice bucket, ice, tongs


Lighting, which could include votive candles, torches, kerosene lamps, or string lights, and extras of each; glass hurricanes protect a candle's flame from wind. Low-wattage bulbs are less likely to attract bugs.


Grill and grilling equipment


Paper towels, damp cloths or sponges, garbage bags, and garbage receptacles


Music; again, you'll need either a power source or plenty of batteries.


Hypoallergenic insect repellent and citronella candles to repel insects


Sweaters, shawls, portable heaters