DIY Projects That Will Make Your Porch Stand Out in the Neighborhood

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Have your tools at the ready and prepare to upgrade your outdoor porch with a few easy DIY projects.

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Matthew Williams

There's no denying that a beautiful front porch can really enhance your home's curb appeal. Plus, when these areas include functional seating, a porch can become an added outdoor living space, offering a reprieve from indoor life. But with more areas to call your own comes more opportunities for design and décor. That's why we've rounded up some of our favorite DIY projects so you can save time and put your creativity to good use.

The front porch ideas we're recommending are ideal for a range of skill levels and require different amounts of effort, which means there truly is a project here for everyone. If you love to paint, then giving your favorite outdoor couch a new coat is a quick and easy—not to mention affordable—front porch idea. Going from a dull brown to an electric blue will have everyone in the neighborhood asking where you got the beautiful piece of furniture. If you want to go with a smaller-scale (in size) project, reupholstering your outdoor cushions is a great and subtle way to revamp your space. Of course, front porches range in size, and not everyone has the room for a whole outdoor seating area. Refresh your front porch with something small, like a wreath or decorative door hanging for a simple piece of décor you can easily swap out with the seasons.

If you had more nature-inspired ideas for your front porch in mind, look no further than our terra-cotta planters. Fill up the clay pots with your favorite blooms, or if an herb garden is something you've always wanted, then create your own tower of herbs for easy picking. Not only will it elevate your front porch, but it'll step up your cooking, too.

Ahead, explore more of our front porch ideas to ensure your home is the talk of the town.

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Hand-Stitched Runner

Aaron Dyer

Transform small and inexpensive area rugs into a full-length runner. All you need is a needle and thread.

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Restore Your Outdoor Sofa

puppy sitting on an outdoor sofa
Ashley Poskin

Spruce up your existing sofa with a fresh coat of paint or some new cushions. Your front porch will look like a cozy, inviting oasis after this update is complete.

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Chalk-Painted Monogram Plaque

chalk painted white monogram plaque

This chalk paint craft adds a fun bespoke element to your front porch. It's a timeless project that's so simple and easy to make.

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Rattan Side Table

completed rattan side table by white chair

Already have seating on your front porch? Adding a side table is a great idea. It opens up ideas for entertaining and décor.

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Repaint Your Front Door

painted front door
Addie Juell

Something as small as repainting your front door can give your front porch an entirely new look.

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Wave Them Down

plaid decor mailbox
John Armitage

Welcome guests and reassure them that they're ringing the right bell with a custom mailbox displaying your house number.

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Knotted Seat Cushions

tufted bench cushions

A set of old seats is waiting to be renewed when the seasons change. Start with basic tufted cushions, and give them a bohemian upgrade with fluffy accents that mimic the look of quilt knots. To create these denser, woolier versions, wind merino needlepoint yarn around the handle of a wooden spoon till it's as thick as you'd like, tie it off in the center, and fluff the ends.

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Terra-Cotta Pots

terracotta pots for plants
Addie Juell

You can make your own planters for your favorite blooms for a lovely front porch display. These use terra-cotta pots, and you can customize them to fit your home's exterior.

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Hanging Basket

wire basket plant
John Dolan

Make your own vertical garden by incorporating hanging baskets to your front porch. You can plant trailing ivy or your favorite blooms—whatever suits your fancy.

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Overgrown Greens


If you don't have a big porch, situate this tiered herb garden in a sunny spot near the kitchen door for easy snipping. Our planter contains rosemary, sage, parsley, thyme, oregano, basil, and chives.

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Restore a Sling Chair

slingback chair DIY project material
Peter Ardito

If you want a foldable chair restoring your favorite sling chair is the perfect option. It's collapsible and easily stored, which means there will be more space on your front porch when it's not in use.

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Add or Repair Wicker Furniture

olive green painted wicker sofa with throw pillows
Addie Juell

Adding some seating to your front porch is always a great idea. Enjoy more time outdoors and feel confident in your outdoor space's décor with a fresh coat of paint on your favorite wicker furniture pieces.

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