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How to Cook Kebabs Evenly

Since different vegetables cook at different rates, it’s best to either create single-ingredient kebabs or skewer together vegetables with similar cooking times, and cut into same-size pieces.

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Grill kebabs over direct medium heat, turning them once halfway through. Remember that grill temperatures vary, so you should check for doneness on the early side.


Try some of our favorite combinations:


Cherry Tomatoes and Scallion Pieces: 3 to 6 minutes


Zucchini and Summer-Squash Chunks with Fennel and Onion Wedges: 12 to 15 minutes


Asparagus Pieces and Shallot Halves: 6 to 9 minutes


Small Mushrooms with Bell-Pepper Chunks and Parboiled Halved Small Potatoes: 9 to 12 minutes


And try these delicious lamb kebabs: